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Greeting Cards with real Edelweiss inside!

Edelweiss Flower

Mountain grown, selected with care and handcrafted in   British Columbia, Canada. 


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  Cards are 16.50.00 CAD each.

We add 3.50 CAD for AIR MAIL if you order a card  only.
If  you like us to print a message in any of the Edelweiss cards please send the text in an email to:info@edelweissgrowers.com

The perennial Edelweiss (Leontopodium Alpinum) is protected and grows wild in the High Alpine of Europe from 1700m. to 2700m. It is a hardy plant  in Zones 3-7.

Edelweiss likes a light calcareous soil with sharp drainage and a good southern exposure.  You may keep them in containers but not inside. It is the perfect plant for a rock garden. Some severe winter weather is necessary to get white flowers. In milder climates and at lower elevations the flowers tend to be more green lacking some of the felt like coat.

The Card includes an envelope, contains 250 Seeds, with planting instructions printed inside the card. On the back of the card are the lyrics to the song "Edelweiss" from
"The Sound of Music"

Item #0503   Edelweiss Seeds   8.00 CAD


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